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About Regnant Energy

We are pleased to introduce the REGNANT Group, encompassing professional expertise in the field of Lighting, Power Electronics, Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Efficient Appliances, and Power Storage Devices. The Electronics Components Industry being the very first brick in the foundation that built this company over the past three decades, our ventures into the business verticals of SMF Batteries and Energy Efficient Lighting products have kept the company growing and expanding. Our Lighting vertical, Regnant Lighting, deals with our wide solid‐state lighting solutions (both indoor and outdoor) and the energy‐efficient Electrode‐less Induction Lamp. The experience acquired in yester‐years has empowered us with the knowledge to design ballasts that can take on the rugged domestic power conditions. Now with our production unit in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand fully operational we are ready to reckon the industry.

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